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Garry Stephens – Building Owner

MURAL LOCATION – 262 Commercial Rd, Yarram VIC 3971 (Rear of building in Grant Street)

ABOUT THE MURAL –The mural depicting Corrigan’s Suspension Bridge at Tarra Bulga National Park was inspired by the fact that the bridge is an iconic image in the district. Every visitor to the Tarra Bulga National Park visitor centre at Balook wants to walk to the bridge. It is seen in many tourist publications promoting Gippsland. Frank Corrigan was the Shire Engineer of the Alberton Shire and a supporter of the original Tarra Bulga National Park. The original suspension bridge was re-erected in Bulga park after it had originally served as a property access at Alberton West.

“The reason we wanted to place a photo of Kara Healey on the mural is to recognise her important role in the history of Tarra Bulga National Park. Kara came to the Park in 1949 and after the death of her husband Jim became effectively the first female park ranger in Victoria in 1952. As well as being the Park caretaker Mrs Healey collected an impressive range of specimens from the Park and sent them to places like the CSIRO and The National Museum of Victoria. The image of the lyrebird is a reminder that the national Park is a home to many native animals. One of the most popular animals is the lyrebird and many visitors are lucky enough to see one on the numerous walking trails that intersect the Park.”  Garry Stephens – Building Owner

Garry and Judy are long-time residents of Yarram and Garry is currently a Wellington Shire Councillor, having been on the Council for over three years. Garry has been involved with several community organisations over the years in Yarram. He is a past Secretary of the Apex Club of Yarram and past president of the Yarram and District Traders and Tourism Association. At present Garry is President of the Yarram Eisteddfod and President of the Grand Strzelecki Track Committee. He is Secretary of the Nightingale Park Society and the Tarra Territory Tourism Association. Garry is also involved with the Tarra Festival, Rotary Club of Yarram, Yarram Primary School Council, Uniting Church and Masonic Lodge, and to top it all he is also a justice of the peace. His hobbies include being a bush lawyer, taking minutes and writing letters. Garry also enjoys reading and is a passionate supporter of the Richmond Football Club.

“We wanted visitors to Yarram to become aware of the fantastic things to see and do in and around Yarram, and to experience firsthand the Tarra Bulga national park, a remnant of the temperate rain forest that existed in the Strzelecki Ranges and a park that is especially important to enable us to view the history of the forest in the area. Overall, the mural serves to both mark the importance of Tarra Bulga National Park for all Australians and helps to mark the work of an important historical figure in Kara Healey.

Having seen the work Heesco did for Wayne and Anne who own the Bull Bar & Gallery that shares a common wall with my building, I had no hesitation when I was asked If I wanted to participate in this project.”

THE MURAL DESIGN – “When Garry mentioned Kara Healy, I did a bit of research, talking to the local Yarram Museum and discovered that unknown to many, Kara’s daughter now 93 years old actually lived in Yarram just around the corner. So off I went to visit her and straight away she whipped out an old photo album and scrap book filled with here Mum’s life. She allowed me to take a few snaps from the book and I used one of the better ones to create a mock up image for Garry and Judy. They were delighted and now even more so now that Heesco has brought their idea to life on this wall, ensuring many visitors to Heesco Town will get to see the spectacular Tara Bulga National Park where Kara spent most of her life.”  Wayne Tindall – Artist/film maker