Ship Inn Motel

Paul Frost & Jody Twite – Business Owners

MURAL LOCATION – 480 Commercial Rd, Yarram VIC 3971

ABOUT THE YARRAM SHIP INN With the Tarra Bulga National Park, historic Port Albert, beaches and so many other attractions like Wilsons Promontory nearby, the Ship Inn Motel is the perfect destination. The Ship Inn Motel offers 26 rooms and a fully licenced Function Room which can cater to large groups, parties, conferences or other events. Breakfast is supplied each morning, wifi is in every room with a work desk to spread out on and work. The friendly service takes care of everything you need even including a large swimming pool.

WHY WE BECAME INVOLVED “We met Wayne and Anne when they first opened the Bull Bar in Yarram and quickly got to know them. After some discussion about Heesco and his artworks that we had seen at the Bull Bar, we decided to invite Heesco to our motel, where he painted a galleon battle scene on the front wall of the Motel. Following this project, which was a great success, we had regular discussions with Wayne and spoke with Eric Greenaway, who proposed the idea of the Heesco Town art project. With Wayne and Anne’s media contacts, film making skills and Wayne’s art project management abilities, the ball started rolling. Wayne organised a select group of people to help drive the project, and I had the privilege to be a part of that group.

Ship Inn – First painting by Heesco Khosnaran

The past month, we have been fortunate enough to have Heesco reside with us as he transforms our sleepy town of Yarram into Heesco Town, converting bare walls into vibrant and meaningful artworks. During this time, we have had the pleasure of getting to know Heesco well. We have dinner together each night, sharing stories, music, cooking each other traditional meals, and learning about each other’s families and homelands. Heesco attended our daughter’s wedding and has met all of our extended family. We have got to know him as more than an artist, and as a wonderful, caring person.

I get excited and get goose bumps when I think about the painting. This is a wonderful piece of art I get to see every time I walk outside and is the first thing I see when I look out our bedroom window. To describe the piece is difficult, it’s like describing Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Heesco’s artwork needs to be viewed in person to experience the true depth and colour of the piece. At certain times of the day, the light changes and I can see details I hadn’t seen before, and the painting seems to come alive. Like all of Heesco’s art, there is so much more to it than paint on a wall, it’s a story that connects with you no matter who you are. To my knowledge, never before has a town attempted this sort of mass revitalisation through the medium of street art.

The ongoing benefits to the local and surrounding community will last a lifetime.” Paul Frost – Ship Inn Motel Yarram

THE MURAL DESIGN“When it came to deciding what type of art we wanted at the Ship Inn, Wayne and I initially brainstormed over glasses of whisky that became empty quickly, and inspiration struck for a bar scene. We imagined the bar filled with colourful characters such as pirates, skeletons, and a Mongolian Warrior Queen. Of course, Jody also insisted that a treasure chest would be a necessity. The design was open to interpretation, and our ideas were further refined with Anne’s expert guidance. I was completely open to creativity and in the end we all just left it to Heesco to have free reign on the wall…and of course something magical happened as it always does when true creativity is left to fly freely.” Paul Frost – Ship Inn Motel Yarram