Yarram Bakery

Liem Nguyen – Business Owner

MURAL LOCATION – 222 Commercial Rd, Yarram VIC 3971

ABOUT THE YARRAM BAKERY – Liem Nguyen came to Australia in 1983 as a refugee from the Vietnam war. He has never forgotten the welcome he received from the then Fraser Government as a boat person fleeing persecution. He remembers vividly the warm welcome into Australia, people with open arms. It was quite a different time!

WHY I BECAME INVOLVED – “All this time I have worked hard and have been trying to figure out how I can ever say thank you in a public way to Australia for taking me in.  When Wayne asked me if I would get involved with a painting on the wall of my business, I thought, this is my chance to say thank you Australia. That’s all I wanted. To say thank you.” Liem Nguyen – Yarram Bakery

THE MURAL DESIGN – “Liem was positive right from the get-go. He was not sure what to put on the wall, but it had to be something about the persecution and the horror trip he took to get here where thousands perished. I came up with a design but insisted that he had to feature in it. He was reluctant but I managed to grab a photo and mocked up the design. Heesco was listening to Liem talking to me about his ordeal and immediately decided that the image had to be monotones…to reflect the enormity of the suffering Liem had witnessed. The result is a very powerful image. I think this wall is going to be talked about for some time to come. Liem has finally told his story to me on camera. He insisted that it had to involve a bottle or two of very good whisky. Something that I wholeheartedly endorsed. ” Wayne Tindall – Artist/film maker“.