The Bean Pedlar (above)

Robert Drakeford – Business Owner

MURAL LOCATION – The Bean Pedlar, 259 Commercial Rd, Yarram VIC 3971 (above the shop)

ABOUT THE MURAL –The original mural inside The Bean Pedlar’s shop is important as it depicts the rich history of the existing building. It depicts Victor Hugo Mattern, a son of Franz Peter Mattern who established Mattern’s hardware on the site back in the 1887. The building remained in the Mattern family for four generations until purchased by new owner Robert Drakeford’s family in 2019.

Recently in 2023 there has been an addition to The Bean Pedlar Coffee Roaster’s building with a focus on keeping the historic references and recognising the past from the rich Mattern family history.

The three historic images painted on the outside of the building are drawn from pictures that were rescued from a well stocked camera room that was discovered at the rear of the property. It is assumed that a family member was a keen photographer back in the day.

“All of the pictures showcased in the murals are lifted from local photography from Yarram and the surrounding area. Notably, the Bean Pedlars logo which was created from the iconic photograph depicting the two brothers on their own bicycle and wondferfully executed by Heesco Khosnaran“.

Robert Drakeford – Business Manager 

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