Faced with the bush fires of 2020 followed by the Covid 19 Pandemic, the small town of Yarram in Victoria turned to ART as it’s secret weapon against a potential tourist downturn, depression and financial ruin.
The town has adopted an Internationally acclaimed street & silo artist to transform their building walls into a blaze of colour and hope.


World renowned street and silo artist Heesco Khosnaran was invited by local artist & film maker Wayne Tindall to transform the entire town of Yarram over a six-week period in March 2020. Long time Yarram resident Eric Greenaway had previously seen Heesco’s art works on the walls of Yarram’s Bull Bar & Gallery, a bar recently founded by Anne & Wayne Tindall. Eric’s vision was to engage several other building owners to transform their buildings with Heesco’s art.

Heesco and Wayne Tindall have painted many Victorian skate parks around Victoria (including the Foster Skate Park not far from Yarram). Heesco is also well known for his numerous International & Australian public murals as well as several silo murals (one even featuring on an Australian stamp).

Heesco is well known for his numerous public murals and silo paintings
The Friends of Heesco Town

With the initial vision now realised, ongoing murals and marketing is being managed by ‘The Friends of Heesco Town’.